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Elk City Golf Course & Country Club

A Short, Scenic, Fair & Challenging Layout

Welcome to Elk City Golf & Country Club. I hope you enjoy your round. Our aim is to make this an enjoyable experience for you and your group. Please help us help you by fixing ball marks, raking bunkers, replacing divots, and obeying traffic signs for golf carts. For the month of April and until further notice, we will be keeping carts off the fairways except for those members with a handicap flag. The range is mowed on Mondays and the pro-shop will be closing the range earlier on Sundays. 


Ed Hughes (Golf Course Superintendent) and staff.

Elk City Golf & Country Club is a short, scenic, fair, and challenging layout that plays to a par of 71. In glancing at the scorecard below, which shows a maximum length of only 6,179 yards, one will immediately realize that the course is "friendly" to the average golfer, but it is not easy by any means: all greens are small targets (average is under 3,000 sq ft), subtly undulated, and some play even smaller because of "false" sides or undulations which makes precise iron play a necessity for low scoring, which makes the records below a testament to the local talent.

While all our Par-5 holes are reachable in two shots for the longer hitters, the approach must be accurate, or the player will find trouble, whether it be watery grave, trees, a difficult lie or stance for the next shot, a bunker, or even a ball that bounced out of bounds, maybe the penalty to a careless or poorly struck shot. 

Same with our Par-4 Holes which range from short to medium-long, but which, with the windy conditions, the change of direction of each hole, and the dogleg designs, make it for an excellent blend of challenges for golfers of all skill levels.

However, the real strength of Elk City Golf & Country Club's layout lies in a set of five excellent Par-3 holes that will test the patience and ability of all. Even the shortest of all, the 140-yard #10 (featured in headline picture above), is no "pushover"; it plays with a sidewind to a green that slopes away on all sides, making it even a smaller target. Holes #'s 5 & #7 are medium length Par-3 holes well guarded by sand or water, while the strength of holes #13 & #17 is their length, as both of which play over 200 yards. 

To play a video of our golf course please click here: GOLF COURSE VIDEO

Course Records

NOTE: Course records are only recognized under the following conditions:
a) Round must be played under USGA Rules (no preferred lies).
b) Full Round must be witnessed by at least one more golfer

58 - Craig Martin, Summer 1998

Other Low Rounds:

60 - Joby Gray, August 2011
60 - Joby Gray, June 2015
60 - Rusty Wilson, July 2018 (Note: Rusty had nines of 34 and 26, the 26 is a record on the back nine and ties scramble record on that nine as well!)

Single Round During a Tournament: 

61 - Alfred "Thumper" Gaylean ("4th of July Tournament" 2012)
62 - Dustin Gunkel (Club Championship 2010)

36 Holes Aggregate:

130 - Joby Gray, 2011 Club Championship (65-65)
128 - Alfred "Thumper" Galyean, 2012 "4th of July Tournament" (67/61)
(*) The previous course record before changes of length and design were made, is held by Craig Martin who scored a 59 (1999). 

Elk City Golf Course & Country Club
Elk City Golf Course & Country Club